Death, for the Christian, is a part of life. It is not something to fear. Anxious thoughts may be present, but we know that Heaven is our home! Jesus has promised to prepare a place for us which is better than the here and now.


Having a faith knowledge of our future, Christians approach the funeral with a sense of joy for the departed one who is now with the Lord. We who remain on earth suffer the loss. Grief is a natural and healthy response when a person experiences a loss. Tears are part of grief therapy. We need not try to shelter ourselves nor another from that process.


The local church is an appropriate place for a funeral service. It is good to allow people an opportunity to grieve and rejoice at the familiar place of worship. Just as one is brought into the Church in Baptism during a typical worship setting, so one can be committed to eternal life in the usual place of worship.


Our funeral manual booklet is designed to help you think about death and to help you think about the elements of what to do at the time of a death. A Funeral Information Form is available for you to complete and return to the office. We will keep the form on file. We will gladly make a copy for you, if requested. May God bless and comfort you.


Pastor Ronald A. Youngdale
February 2010


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