A person becomes a "new person" in Baptism, a child of God. We refer to Baptism as a sacrament, indicating it is a holy act of God. He works a miracle as water is applied with the Word that Jesus instructed be used: "in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19). Baptism is a promise from God to cleanse a person from sin and restore him/her into God's Family. More information about Baptism is available from me. I hope this manual will help answer any questions you may have about Baptism and about the use of the sacrament in our church. I encourage you to make plans for your baptism or your child’s baptism as soon as possible. Contact me at the church office (209-667-7712) or We do not baptize people who have already been properly baptized. We recognize the validity of any baptism that was done in a Christian setting where water was used and the person was baptized in the name of the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). If I can answer any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


In Christian love,


Pastor Ron Youngdale


For more information about our baptisms, please view these documents:



"Marriage is the uniting of two individual lives. God has established that “the two shall become one!” Marriage is God’s idea. Therefore, the wedding service is not just a ceremony, it is a worship service. It is your decision to have your wedding in a church. We gather in a church to rejoice over God’s gift of marriage and to ask His blessing upon you as ones united by His hand of grace. The day is very special to you as bride and groom. It is my desire to help make your day one which will have a great impact upon your lives. I believe God will bless you as you honor Him. You and I will work at providing a special worship service for your guests. This booklet is designed to help you understand the policies and procedures of our congregation. The policies are set by the Elders. A couple, who is living together before marriage (cohabitation), needs to talk with me before further arrangements can be made. May God guide your thoughts and desires throughout the exciting time of preparation."

Pastor Ronald A. Youngdale

For more information about holding your wedding and reception at our church please view the Wedding Manual. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.


Death, for the Christian, is a part of life. It is not something to fear. Anxious thoughts may be present, but we know that Heaven is our home! Jesus has promised to prepare a place for us which is better than the here and now.

Having a faith knowledge of our future, Christians approach the funeral with a sense of joy for the departed one who is now with the Lord. We who remain on earth suffer the loss. Grief is a natural and healthy response when a person experiences a loss. Tears are part of grief therapy. We need not try to shelter ourselves nor another from that process.

The local church is an appropriate place for a funeral service. It is good to allow people an opportunity to grieve and rejoice at the familiar place of worship. Just as one is brought into the Church in Baptism during a typical worship setting, so one can be committed to eternal life in the usual place of worship.

Our Funeral Manual Booklet is designed to help you think about death and to help you think about the elements of what to do at the time of a death. A Funeral Information Form is available for you to complete and return to the office. We will keep the form on file. We will gladly make a copy for you, if requested. May God bless and comfort you.

Pastor Ronald A. Youngdale


Our Confirmation program is designed to help young people:

• Learn more about God and His Word, the Bible.
• In becoming men and woman of God and active members of Good Shepherd.
• In developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Confirmation is a four (4) year program involving parents, the Pastor and the Director of Youth Ministies (DYM).

• The first two (2) years provide an overview of Bible content and history taught by the Director of Youth Ministries (DYM).
• The second two (2) years provide a study of the Small Catechism, the main doctrines of the Bible taught by the Pastor.